Design Build

The same team that architects the structure, implements and maintains it

Acadia Life International Limited is a boutique private placement life insurance firm serving the diverse and evolving needs of highly sophisticated global clients including: individuals, trusts, and corporate entities.  We work closely with our clients' advisors to develop life insurance products that meet the unique objectives of each client.

The first step is to meticulously uncover each client’s financial and risk planning needs.  We then work closely with their advisors to optimize the structure that best meets their planned objectives.  Once implemented, we continue to monitor and manage each policy and separate account
investment program.

Private placement insurance products can accommodate a wide variety of qualified managers and global investment strategies. To this end, we have developed a robust line-up of investment managers covering different asset classes and investment strategies.

Our investment strategies are global in scope and afford investors a strong line-up of insurance dedicated funds and managed account strategies with diverse managers through separate accounts.

Our broad and deep line-up of available managers and fund options is constantly growing to meet the evolving demands of our clients.  Asset classes consist of:

Risks of Investing
There are many risk factors to consider including, but not limited to investing with an unrated Bermuda Company that does not contribute to a solvency fund and provides no guaranteed cash values. There are tax and securities law considerations, investment risks (which may carry liquidity restrictions or result in a total loss of an investment), and certain tax exposures as well.  It should be noted that Separate Accounts are used to segregate the cash value of policies from the company’s general account assets and are protected through a Private Act of the Bermuda legislature.